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A Kiss is a Lovely Trick
Disclaimer: I do not own Tales of Symphonia, its plot, or any of its characters. I do not make any profit from this whatsoever save for an outlet for my fangirling and some internet love. Also, the title comes from a quote by Ingrid Bergman. See the end for details.
Spoilers: YES. Tons. Everywhere.
Pairing: ZelosxLloyd
Note: Written for Antiquity-Dreams's birthday. Her request was for Zelos and Lloyd's first kiss and it was originally supposed to be just 500 words. Pfft. I'm an English major; I can't write anything short to save my life. (God help me.) Somehow that simple theme developed into this... monstrosity you see before you. (Seriously, what the hell?) For I started to think about something I've seen quite a few Zelloyd fans bring up: the basic idea that Zelos and Lloyd wouldn't actually get together because Zelos wouldn't be able to bring himself to have a relationship because of how much Lloyd means to him. The notion has really intrigued me and I could see it as some
:iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 11 15
Traditions: ZelosxLloyd fanfic
Disclaimer: The little girl in her room didn't create the Barbie dolls- she just likes to play with them. Same idea.
Spoilers:  None really.
Pairing: ZelosxLloyd
Note: Written for the Zelloyd Club's Holiday Contest on DeviantArt.
"I could wait a thousand hours
Stay the same in sun and showers
Pick apart a hundred flowers
Just to be quiet."
-Lights, Quiet
"I gotta say," Lloyd commented, not bothering to keep his voice down as it was just the two of them in the Wilder library and it was not like they had come here to read, "that I'm starting to become suspicious of your so-called holiday traditions." His tone was light though and had he been truly suspicious, he probably wouldn't have lounged on his lover so comfortably. Probably.
Though such a position made it a bit difficult to open the bottle of champagne, Zelos couldn't think of any better way to recline upon this couch than with the brunette all but laying atop him. Their voices and the ticking of the old clock
:iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 16 16
Zelloyd Meme by Heart-of-Shou Zelloyd Meme :iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 19 16
Season Where Life Waits
Disclaimer: The little girl in her room didn't create the Barbie dolls- she just likes to play with them.   Same idea.
Spoilers: Takes place post-game, but mostly only spoilers for the Zelos ending.
Pairing: ZelosxLloyd
Note: Written for the Zelloyd Club on DeviantArt. (JOIN! Ahem... Sorry, don't know where that came from.) The theme was seasons.
Season Where Life Waits
"Years go by and I'm here still waiting
Withering where some snowman was
Mirror, mirror, where's the crystal palace
But I only can see myself
Skating around the truth who I am."
-Tori Amos, Winter
    The forest seemed to have paid no mind to the fact that two worlds, for four millennia apart, were now newly reunited into one shared existence.  Quietly and without any fuss, the leaves lost their fresh flush of green as they aged into brilliant shades of reds and golds. If cries of anguish or dramatic speeches of last words were made as the
:iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 14 22
APH: For the Refrigerator by Heart-of-Shou APH: For the Refrigerator :iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 0 6
Messing With You
Disclaimer: Still do not own Tales of Symphonia or anything associated with it.  Except this plot, for what it is worth.
Spoilers: This piece takes place post-game so consider yourself forewarned.
Messing With You  
"New and a bit alarming,
Who had ever thought that this could be?
True, that he's no Prince Charming,
But there's something in him that I simply didn't see."
-Beauty and the Beast, Something There
Dearest Sister,
It is my sincerest hope that this letter finds you in as best health as one can expect considering the circumstances.  I, too-
The top of the parchment was promptly sheared off.  Droplets of ink splattered onto the wooden desk underneath from the now forsaken letters as well as the tip of the pen that was held in the right hand of a very annoyed Zelos.  He hissed as a few ebony beads also flung themselves onto his hand.  Cursing absently in Angelic, he rubbed at the color only for it to smear i
:iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 10 22
Yar: Part Four
The next morning, Lloyd, now unfortunately back in his usual trademark red jacket, trudged back to the tavern where the others were waiting. After the incident from yesterday, it was the unanimous decision to leave as soon as possible the next morning. Presea and Sheena had kindly taken their turn to gather supplies and all that was left was the usual morning preparations. Lloyd, meanwhile, had taken the opportunity to slip away (out of the way) to see the fortune teller. Not for the first time, he wondered why he even bothered.
"Yo, Bud!" Zelos called to him, catching sight of the hero first. The red-head waved enthusiastically. "There you are!" As soon as Lloyd drew close enough, a strong arm shot out and seized the brunette by the shoulder, pulling him chummily under. "So," he whispered, conspiratorially but with a wide grin, "did you make up alright with Colettie-poo?"
Lloyd wrinkled his nose at the new nickname, but otherwise nodded. He and Colette had never really sat down to hav
:iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 8 31
Yar: Part Three
As the group now made its way toward Triet, Lloyd, being "stubborn as hell", gamely was putting up with the desert's heat without complaint. Indeed, he tried to be even more jovial than usual so as to prove his point. Raine, knowing what he was trying to do, just rolled her eyes and kept the water supply circulating. Everyone else was just trying to survive the heat and could have honestly cared less about Lloyd's sudden upbeat attitude. Only Colette and Zelos, it seemed, were able to retain any of their cheer and both smiled sympathetically at Lloyd. The brunette, feeling more drained of energy as time wore on, fell into step beside Genis, who seemed about ready to fold over.
"Hang in there," Lloyd encouraged, grinning despite how sticky and heavy his skin felt. "Triet should be coming into view soon."
The half-elf glared enviously at Lloyd's lighter pirate costume. Apparently the idea was not as ridiculous as it had seemed this morning. "How can you act like that in this heat?" Genis
:iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 6 8
Yar: Part Two
Back in present time, it was taking an awfully long time for the group to start their day. Some of their members were beginning to get impatient. "Just why are they always together?" Genis whined as they waited for Regal, Zelos, and Lloyd to emerge. The half-elf knew it could not have just been his imagination that Zelos and Lloyd had grown closer. Granted, ever since the red-head's betrayal he couldn't have helped but to see Zelos in a different light. But even before then, Lloyd had liked being around Zelos. When Zelos had pretended to betray them, he had never seen Lloyd look so desperate yet so full of inner fire. He would accept nothing less than that Zelos was still true to him. And for such a long time before and even now, they had started sharing a bed. It was all directing Genis to a conclusion he'd rather not think about.
"Lloyd and Zelos are such good friends," Collette commented, serving breakfast. No one was satisfied with such an answer.
"You don't suppose... they're alre
:iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 8 11
Yar: Part One
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Tales of Symphonia, its characters, its plot, etc.
SPOILERS: Free use of information from the whole of the game.
COUPLE: Zelos x Lloyd
NOTE: This story was done as a challenge issued by my beta, Intercido Erro. The terms of the challenge, for those interested, were as follows: 1) must be Zelloyd, 2) at least mentions of Lloyd's pirate outfit, 3) Zelos being an angel and not wanting to tell Lloyd, 4) the sentence: "Well, clearly Lloyd is the devil", 5) Lloyd killing with no remorse in a village in front of someone who looks up to him, 6) the word "pantaloons", and 7) mentions of Zelos and Lloyd sharing one bedroom and other people speculating as to why. You will find them all in here, but not necessarily in that order.
WARNING: LONG. "Epic," as my beta called it. Came to about 50 pages in Microsoft Word.
"We were strangers
On a crazy adventure
Never dreaming
How our dreams would come true."
- Anastasia, At the Beginning
"Stand still, Lloyd," Regal chastised,
:iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 12 32
Heart of Shou: AMV opening by Heart-of-Shou Heart of Shou: AMV opening :iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 3 0 Heart of Shou: FF Writer Meme by Heart-of-Shou Heart of Shou: FF Writer Meme :iconheart-of-shou:Heart-of-Shou 1 14

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I'm officially in love with Tumblr.  Or it might be more accurate to say that I'm kinda sorta... addicted.  I had some friends that had accounts and it made me check it out.  As it turns out, it combines a lot of what I love to do on the internet anyway: find fanart, funny pictures, and just collect them like crazy.  It's just what I need- something to invest tons of hours of my life in.  I also love reaction gifs. I've never been able to express myself so efficiently.  Anyone else have a Tumblr?  What do you do with it?

Oh and if you're curious, here's my page:
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